Pablo Andújar Guerrero

Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Mathematics
University of Leeds

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I study model theory, an area of mathematical logic, and its interface with topology and combinatorics. In particular I am interested in the following topics.
  • Definable topology and analysis in o-minimal and other tame theories.
  • Types and combinatorics in NIP theories.

Research Statement

Preprints and Work in Progress


  • Directed sets and topological spaces definable in o-minimal structures, with Margaret E. M. Thomas and Erik Walsberg,
    Journal of the London Mathematical Society, Second Series, 104 (2021) no. 3, 989-1010 (arXiv, pdf)

Ph.D. Thesis

Definable Topological Spaces in O-minimal Structures (pdf)
Purdue University, 2021
Advisor: Margaret E. M. Thomas